Discover Bucyrus, OH – part 1


1.) The first daily weather reports were started on December 24, 1887 in the Evening Telegraph.
2.) In 1942 Camp Millard, a training camp for the 753rd Railway Shop Battalion was established at the fairgrounds to train men during World War II.
3.) A.D. Juillard, founder of the Juillard School of Music, helped establish our public library.
4.) In 1838, a mastodon skeleton was uncovered by Abraham Hahn, in a shallow, but swampy area of Bucyrus.
5.) Bucyrus native, Lauretta Schimmoler, is noted for first proposing the establishment of a flight nurse section in the U.S. Army Nurse Reserve – 1933.
6.) John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) had one of his apple tree nurseries where the Bucyrus Arby’s is located today.
7.) 77 Bucyrus Steam Shovels helped excavate more than 2,780,000 pounds of dirt to build the Panama Canal.
8.) More than 27 tons of traditional German Bratwurst is served during the annual Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival.
9.) We have 4 great local area school districts: Buckeye Central, Bucyrus City, Colonel Crawford, and Wynford.


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